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VMware CSE supporting your agility

The world is changing and technological environments with it. When yesterday, an application was necessarily deployed on a single physical machine, today innovations in terms of networking and virtualization allow many other possibilities, in particular thanks to containerization. Indeed, an application is based on several components, such as one or more databases or even resource libraries. By using containers, we can now deploy our applications by splitting the resources into independent containers, which are then grouped into a cluster. This is precisely what VMware Cloud Director offers with its CSE extension (Contenair Service Extension)

How does a container orchestrator work?

Based on KUBERNETES, the most popular containerization technology on the market, CSE offers users the possibility to deploy their applications in the most agile way possible by distributing resources independently in clusters.

Container Orchestrator - A booster for your business?
The VMware Contenair Service Extension allows to optimize the usage of resources, according to the real needs of users. This agility helps you save time, but above all allows savings on the resources used.

    Streamline your Cloud operations
The automation of deployment, continuous network monitoring, but also the high performance backup system reduce the workload for your administrators and therefore a significant gain in productivity.

Protect your data at anytime
The different containers operate independently on different physical infrastructures, guaranteeing you optimal security. The proposed backup system will also protect you from possible human errors.

    Reorganize your workload
In the event of a failure, the system will automatically reorganize the cluster workloads, in order to guarantee the full availability of your applications. And that without resorting to the intervention of an administrator.

Avoid unnecessary costs
The optimization of your resources as well as the simplified management of clusters reduce your expenses, notably by offering improved network performance.


In conclusion, this extension of VMware Cloud Director and a new method to operate applications. Created to reduce the workload of cluster administrators, CSE is based on containerization, which is arguably one of the most promising technologies, which many companies have already understood.
Adopting it is to optimize the productivity of your business, but also to anticipate the world of tomorrow by preparing your teams but also by simplifying your processes.

Led by a very active community, this tool based on an opensource architecture is regularly updated to best respond to the reality on the ground.

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