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Ikoula announces a fall in prices up to 60% on its Cloud Public offer

in 2015, the cloud market will reach 4.9 billion euros in France (source of the firm Xerfi France). Businesses and hexagonal Government expenditure will register on the rise and the cloud will remain as one of the priorities of the DSI.

determining a flowering context in which Ikoula sees itself as an actor among the giants of the cloud through a policy of ultra price attractive.

indeed, Ikoula announces a fall in prices up to 60% on its Public Cloud offering, mainly due to productivity gains.

our Cloud solutions using Apache CloudStack, technology technology totally proven. Furthermore Ikoula manages the pooling of infrastructure for more than 16 years.

to move from theory to practice, here are the prices of a highly secure and redundant platform:

  • 2 Linux Web front-end Small in LoadBalancing server and 2 servers in database Small Windows with firewall and a bandwidth of 10 Mbps (Type SMALL: 1 vCPU + 1, 7Go of RAM + 100 GB disk), unlimited traffic < br / > < br / > > > 2xVM SMALL Linux + 2xVM SMALL Windows = (2x22.32) + (2x38.84) = 122.32 Mois loadbalancer, including firewall and traffic

more at IKOULA billing is calculated per minute (example taken into account: 4h33min and not 5 h) and unlimited traffic is included in the price of the Instance which is not the case with some competitors.

to order your instances: