The era of collaboration in the cloud

Two-thirds of French companies have invested in a Cloud solution, by 2015 (1).

To gain performance, many of them make more particularly the choice of collaboration in the cloud!

In business, there are few projects that do not require a teamwork. For the good development of a project, effective collaboration is essential. Time, equipment or location must not be pressures to collaborate.

It is that collaboration in the cloud takes all its value.

With more flexibility, better value for money and ease of use, the cloud-based collaboration tools promote innovation in communication within companies.

This new model of exchange of information and knowledge in the company concerned all the basic features of collaboration:
  • professional messaging
  • web/audio/video conferencing and instant messaging
  • collaborative sites (intranet / extranet)
  • ...
If the establishment of means of collaboration could be considered to be complex in terms of deployment or costly, with the cloud, it becomes simple and economical.

Solutions Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync known to foster collaboration and increase productivity in business demonstrate this evolution toward the era of sharing information in a professional environment, using cloud.

For more information:

(1) study by IDC - 2013

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