Good advice from Thursday: migrate to the cloud!

The Cloud, we talk much!

Normal when we know that this market could reach 2.4 billion dollars by 2014 according to study Abeerden.

"This trend indicates above all that the Cloud market is mature and dematerialisation solution meets more and more a need for DSI on bottom of lower internal costs'" according to "
Indeed, the Cloud hosting has many advantages:
- a hardware independence:
Failure of the physical database server, the server can instantly be migrated on a different machine from the host network.

- an incomparable flexibility:
it is possible to upgrade his machine without having to redeploy its facilities. Depending on the Cloud offering, updates can be applied on the global configuration or independently for each resource.

-resources on demand:
it is possible to allocate and release resources as needed, completely automated: the machine is standalone and adjusted to the use that is actually on its own by connecting to an extranet for example.

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