Good advice from Thursday: what Flex choose?

Whether for a development test environment or for any other event coordinator or fluctuating activity, it is necessary to have dedicated machines and operational services.

Indeed the availability of applications and critical data are major challenges for businesses. Public or private Cloud infrastructures to respond in terms of performance, security and cost.

For this different models are available to meet each of those needs.

  • The Flex' company is a virtual machine that allows you to share files securely (VPN), your web with Plesk interface projects, or to deploy a Business Intelligence application, a game server, web radio... At the functional level, resources are dedicated and guaranteed, resizable as needed without redeploying already installed applications.

  • The Flex'HA in addition to the benefits of Flex' company offers an environment high availability for critical applications in production phase. Incident, the virtual machine switches to another host in a transparent way for you and your customers. So you reduce your costs and management time.

  • The Flex'Replica brings a top layer of high availability for your applications. The data are hosted on several hosts and the second virtual machine is replicated all 15 minutes.

  • For more information:
Each solution is complemented by different levels of outsourcing in order to ensure the supervision of your data 24/7 on french site. From €89 HT / month you have a cloud public manages.

You will understand, regardless of your projects we have a solution to bring you. To help you make the right choice our experts are also at your disposal to advise you and assist you.

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