The graphics card Nvidia on Green Ikoula servers.

A new innovative dedicated server arrives at Ikoula. It combines the power of servers Ikoula green to the quality of the graphics card Nvidia.
For this new server, it is Nvidia Quadro 2000 map which has been retained by Ikoula. The Quadro 2000 d is the heart of technology Nvidia's Fermi and offers 192 CUDA Parallel Processor Cores, all accompanied by a giga memory GDDR5 128 bit, and a band of 41.6 GB/s memory bandwidth.

The characteristics of the machine used for this Green GPU offer are as follows:

The processor chosen, is a range Haswell from Intel processor. It is the last generation produced by Intel, and is the latest of the founder:
• HT, 4 cores running at 3.4 ghz • 8 mb cache cpu • turbo mode, allowing push computing power to 3.9 ghz • etching 22 nm

With the Green i7 GPU, graphic design professionals have found their exception Server!

About first by the technological quality of the Nvidia graphics card that can meet both needs. It allows the graphic design in 3D (CAD: Computer Aided Design or computer aided Design), DCC (Digital Content Creation or digital content Creation) or for medical applications. In addition it offers a power of calculation of high level without going through a server or cluster of powerful servers, with GPCPU technology and CUDA library. The latter allows to interact with the graphics card through programs developed in C, C++, OpenCL...

Find all info here: Server Green i7 GPU

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