Ikoula at France 3 JT!

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reportage ikoula france 3

we had the pleasure to receive France 3 teams, come visit our Datacenter in Reims!

This is so that our teams and our sparkling servers, found themselves facing cameras to be disseminated, Saturday 26/07 to 12-13 France 3 Regions France.

In intro: "when it comes to Internet, one often speaks of virtual exchanges. However, physical and well concrete supports are necessary for its operation. "At Reims since almost 10 years, a company has its own Datacenter."

If you have missed the most interesting story of all reportages of the 12/13 of Fr3 region, not panic!

Here it is here:

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Ikoula, hébergé dans un Data Center installé à Reims depuis 10 ans

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