The story continues between EuroCloud and Ikoula


Eurocloud is the European association which rallies several IT companies selling Cloud Computing services. Its purpose is to identify the future challenges of the sector and to protect those active in Cloud market. In the practice, it means partnerships and lobbying to improve their bargaining power.

After winning the 2015 trophy for the best Cloud service infrastructure, Ikoula just joined the EuroCloud France’s board. The CEO, Jules-Henri GAVETTI has joined the 14 others who make up that assembly. For many years, he has been very involved in his market sector and he has already led some great battles besides his major competitors. For example, he was one of the first to defend the CISPE project (Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider in Europe). That movement was designed to normalize an ethic hosting at a continental scale. Since its beginning, Ikoula has struggled for it and is now proud to be part of such a project.

Ikoula’s application was reinforced by a disruptive pitch. Jules-Henri GAVETTI said that he wanted to drive EuroCloud out of the IT world thanks to the different members’ success story. About its nomination, Jules-Henri declares “The purpose of our association is to highlight the power and the importance of the Cloud services by organising events for every market sectors and not only IT’s companies”

Being a member of this association is a great achievement for Ikoula and also a perfect way to show its presence and to spread its messages.

Link to EuroCloud France website