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Green Business: Jules Henri Gavetti ikoula invited among precursors and innovative entrepreneurs CEO

ikoula Green Business
"In 2030, 5 billion people will live in cities. Cities grow faster and faster, consume more and more energy, water, and pollute as ever in history. This constraint led planners to think the city intelligently.
'Smart cities' global market was estimated at 520 billion dollars in 2011 and is expected to double in the next 5 years. Some cities such as Nice or Issy-les-Moulineaux have become laboratories for experimenting and designing models of what will be the city of tomorrow. To this end, it will be more necessary to collect datas Big on energy consumption and transportation. Internet will play a key role in the transmission of information from the home to the operator and the computers will run at full speed"Patricia Lawrence of Green universe.

Computer networks will therefore be a determining factor in the construction of these 'smart cities'
and some companies have understood.

Ikoula is part of this process by offering of Green servers to customers seeking to have a responsible consumption. But above all, as explained by CEO Jules Henri Gavetti, Ikoula is a company that has incorporated energy conservation in its internal protocol by promoting the thermal exchange between the outside and inside the buildings and the treatment of waste.

What is so offers it Green at Ikoula?