The Gallic Ikoula Cloud crowned King of performance!

Ikoula is of n ° 1 the ranking of the performance of the Clouds (occupied 4 times in 2014), before the big Clouds such as Google or Amazon, thanks notably to the establishment of SSDS (Solid-State Drive) on our infrastructure.

Cup of 2014 CloudScreener Clouds

trophee coupe des clouds

< br / > < br / > Ikoula participated in the first edition of the cup of Clouds 2014. CloudScreener-sponsored

Ikoula team of Aurélien, Raj, William, Samuel, Jamal, Nico, David and Arnaud as supporters Frumane and Sophie, is come reveal his football talents.

Team won the 1st game against Gandi with 3-1 and finished 4th in the group, thus qualifying for the semi-final.

Public cloud: the services market will double by 2017 in the world

The IDC research firm foresees a strong growth of the global public cloud services market which is expected to reach 107 billion in 2017, against 47.4 in 2013. The rate of growth of this market is five times higher than that of the computer in general.