We were honoured to welcome this Wednesday 30th of August, Mrs Aina Kuric, Marne’s second circumscription deputy, in our Datacenter in Reims.

Aina Kuric, deputy of « La République en marche » (French political party), came from the catering industry, she had the opportunity to work in prestigious establishments in France and abroad. Nowadays, as the CEO of a Wine tourism company in Reims since February 2015, she offers guided tours in a vineyard. On the 18th of June 2017, she is elected deputy of Marne’s second circumscription with 51.21% of the votes.

Ikoula in space, far above the Cloud...

Ikoula dans l'espace

The next Ikoula DataCenter will be in space, far above the Cloud...

The new Datacenter Ikoula to Eppes

Question: do you know the charming small town of Eppes? "this commune of the Aisne Department of Picardy, small village situated 10 km east of Laon, mainly rural, with more than four hundred souls and falling within the canton of Sissonne» (source wiki) wins to be known to us all from little!


Ikoula at France 3 JT!

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reportage ikoula france 3

we had the pleasure to receive France 3 teams, come visit our Datacenter in Reims!

This is so that our teams and our sparkling servers, found themselves facing cameras to be disseminated, Saturday 26/07 to 12-13 France 3 Regions France.