Your Extranet Ikoula interface evolves!

New features in your Extranet are now available.

Check out the new features:

  • Now manage a Sub-account to give access to your various services (compatible with all benefits: Ikoula Express Hosting, platforms IES, TRANSIT IP or housing)


  • the Weathermap network (network weather) Ikoula is now available on the Extranet: "Links – > Weathermap"



  • is a new link for direct access to the details of your private Cloud CloudStack in dashboards of your platforms


  • your contact lists are now available in your platforms


  • find your information iKeepinCloud Doc in your platforms. It is the technical information and analysis of your platform.


login now to your personal space Ikoula to start testing these new features. Feel free to share your feedback!

Team Ikoula

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