New available domain names!

nom de domaine

of new domain extentions are available at Ikoula!

Avec la multiplication des noms de domaines désormais plus uniquement limités aux classiques .com, .fr, .biz, .info, la protection de sa marque sur le web est incontournable.


The Cloud Gaul, a reality! Come and test his power. (Advertising print - 2014)

Ikoula Cloud Gaulois

Check out the new spot Ikoula radio on-air BFM

Ikoula is on BFM radio. Check out our spot Radio spring/summer from Monday to Friday in floating between 8 h and 19 h.

"the french cloud is more a concept but a reality."


Online backup without software on Windows 8 with iKeepinCloud

Backup en ligne sans logiciel

did you know? it is possible to Save or backuper without software, your workstation under Windows 8 for only € 4.99/month (includes 1 month offered test) with the multi-protocol online storage solution: iKeepinCloud.