Open World Forum - Interview with Jules-Henri Gavetti on CloudStack

On the occasion of the exhibition Open World Forum in Paris on 3, 4, 5 October 2013, Jules-Henri Gavetti moderated the conference "CloudStack ™: interoperability between different clouds".

If you were not able to attend, watch interview with Jules-Henri Gavetti:

Good advice from Thursday: what Flex choose?

Whether for a development test environment or for any other event coordinator or fluctuating activity, it is necessary to have dedicated machines and operational services.

Indeed the availability of applications and critical data are major challenges for businesses. Public or private Cloud infrastructures to respond in terms of performance, security and cost.


The era of collaboration in the cloud

Two-thirds of French companies have invested in a Cloud solution, by 2015 (1).

To gain performance, many of them make more particularly the choice of collaboration in the cloud!

In business, there are few projects that do not require a teamwork. For the good development of a project, effective collaboration is essential. Time, equipment or location must not be pressures to collaborate.

It is that collaboration in the cloud takes all its value.

20th anniversary of Debian

August 16, 1993 Ian Murdock announced a new GNU/Linux distribution called 'Debian'.
Debian is the combination of the first name of his girlfriend at the time: "Debra" and of his own: "Ian" (Deb and Ian).

Debian is composed of two elements: "GNU" (project initiated by Richard Stallman), utilities all component Basic UNIX-like system (the name is a recursive acronym "GNU's Not Unix") and nucleus, also called kernel, "Linux" (created by Linus Torvalds).