Save and secure your data before you go!

On the departure of the holiday?

For peace of mind, have you insured that all was secure?
Imagine that your computer data they also depart but they never return...

Take the time to safeguard and secure all data computer, vital to your business, before going on vacation.

Our customers, our best spokespeople!

Ikoula is host computer since 1998. We put all our expertise at the service of our customers. They know and are our best spokespersons.
Our first clients are always loyal and the quality of services and the expertise of Ikoula allowed us to get to this day, confidence over 5000 customers.

Good advice from Thursday: think of the security certificate.

Between flights of identities, numbers of credit card and other unauthorised access of computer data, securing an internet site appears essential.

True web security technology, the SSL certificate is essential to secure sensitive data on the Internet. Several security features such as the "seal of authentication", "lock" or "green bar" prove that the site is protected from the potential dangers of piracy. Thus, users can easily sort between trusted sites and those more risky.

Ikoula supports your projects

Ikoula supports responsible, dynamic or educational initiatives.
From April 2013, we receive with pleasure and interest your Association, start-up or education projects to give you a "boost" to facilitate their development.

Computer hosting is often a vital brick in the functioning of a project.
To concentrate only on the essentials: your core business. Ikoula offers hosting solutions so that the storage and protection of your data are no longer a concern for you.