Good advice from Thursday: think of the security certificate.

Between flights of identities, numbers of credit card and other unauthorised access of computer data, securing an internet site appears essential.

True web security technology, the SSL certificate is essential to secure sensitive data on the Internet. Several security features such as the "seal of authentication", "lock" or "green bar" prove that the site is protected from the potential dangers of piracy. Thus, users can easily sort between trusted sites and those more risky.

Ikoula supports your projects

Ikoula supports responsible, dynamic or educational initiatives.
From April 2013, we receive with pleasure and interest your Association, start-up or education projects to give you a "boost" to facilitate their development.

Computer hosting is often a vital brick in the functioning of a project.
To concentrate only on the essentials: your core business. Ikoula offers hosting solutions so that the storage and protection of your data are no longer a concern for you.


The cloud, outsourcing, and Chinese medicine.

The cloud represents a technological approach or standardised offers, rather distant from the outsourcing of global infrastructure and tailor-made. A distinction necessary to decrypt the levers on these markets, with Guillaume Berko, Sales Director at Ikoula.

How do you see outsourcing and cloud?
In traditional outsourcing, our mission is to maintain and oversee infrastructure hardware and software to ensure an optimal business continuity to our customers. From my point of view, cloud concerns rather the way one thinks it infrastructure. To put it otherwise, outsourcing is a service delivery, while cloud is a technological approach integrating various mechanisms like virtualization, dynamic allocation of resources, the multitenant, etc.
Even though in our outsourcing offers we propose of course companies to use fully all these technologies.

Good advice from Thursday: test CloudStack Intances!

The good advice of the day: test The Cloud Public of Ikoula and learn how to create and deploy Cloud audiences freely!

With The Cloud Public of Ikoula, users benefit from a pre-packaged making them available to offer: 1 router to 10 Mbps, 1 Load Balancer, 1 Firewall with 100 rules of translation of ports and 1 shared public IP address. Available under Linux and Windows, the user is then free to add its instances (up to 20) on a model "pay per use".
It is possible to configure its Cloud (up to 10 templates, 40 snapshots and 30 virtual disks) from a full web interface.