Good advice from Thursday: migrate to the cloud!

The Cloud, we talk much!

Normal when we know that this market could reach 2.4 billion dollars by 2014 according to study Abeerden.

"This trend indicates above all that the Cloud market is mature and dematerialisation solution meets more and more a need for DSI on bottom of lower internal costs'" according to "


Good advice from Thursday: protect your domain name!

The domain name guarantees highest visibility of your business on the web. It is therefore essential to save it, but also to preserve and protect against the many threats on the Web.
Domain names, are at the mercy of cybercriminals through techniques such as cybersquatting or phishing to mention that they.

Build A Cloud Day

The first edition of the "Build A Cloud Day" in France was a real success, and we are thrilled! Co-organized by Citrix, UshareSoft, Apalia, OW2 and of course Ikoula, this day was the occasion to present the CloudStack technology and good practices related to its deployment.
The actors of the CloudStack ecosystem thus gathered to present their return from deployment experience Cloud Public, private and Hybrid, as well as the specific solution software demo CloudStack.

Find the Build A Cloud Day Paris 2013 in images

[Serious] flaw on the servers running on Linux OS

May 14, 2013, an exploit was published about the servers running a Linux OS. This fault is considered to be very serious because it allows a user any to take control of the root account.

You will find details of the exploit at the following address: