Our application iKeepinCloud on dedicated servers

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iKeepinCloud is our solution for storing all your documents online. Our applications rely on all new Cloud infrastructure Ikoula. We provide greater security for our applications through a fully redundant equipment.

Indeed, for iKeepinCloud, all stored data is replicated 3 times on 3 different dedicated servers in real time. * If one dedicated server is falling the two others will take over instantly. Each data is secured by an SSL certificate. The data are transferred securely and encrypted.

The dedicated server will manage your server resources, the applications and theirs configurations. iKeepinCloud represents one of our multitude application for dedicated servers.
Dedicated servers can be used as a web server for hosting large websites, e-commerce of for some special applications such as intranet or extranet. They are suitable for classical operations such as game, computing or virtualization. ""

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