Alert type phishing SPAM, be careful!

What is it?

Since several days of posing as legitimate invoices and emails appear to come from trusted senders are sent to all Internet users, warning these email contain little - be a virus and their purpose is to infect your computer.


This e-mail arrives through some spam filters and contains a virus as an attachment.

Actions Ikoula

Our teams monitor e-mail traffic and attempt to filter messages upstream of your inboxes so that you do not be impacted, but you must remain vigilant if you receive emails corresponding to this description.


If you asked the vendor to receive an electronic invoice do not open the message and especially do not answer if confidential information you are requested. Update your antivirus/antispam. To protect your dedicated server we sell Sophos antivirus licenses. For more information our sales are at your disposal.
Team Ikoula

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