What is RAID?

1. Definition

RAID is the acronym for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”, it refers to a data replication system providing increased security, performance and failure tolerance.


What is the difference between a private cloud, a public cloud, a hybrid cloud?

Cloud computing is a technology based on the virtualization of resources. Starting with real and tangible machines, the Cloud makes it possible to allocate resources more flexibly according to needs and make them accessible via the Internet. Thus, the services will be accessible worldwide provided there is an internet connection. For users, these resources do not materialize directly, which is the origin of the name «Cloud».

Cybersecurity Month: the 13 commandments of IKOULA

Like every month of October, cybersecurity is in the spotlight in Europe!

Between the rise of teleworking and the rise of cyberattacks, adopting the right actions to protect your company data is becoming vital .

A new chapter for IKOULA

Sewan & Ikoula

You may have already read it in the press, a new chapter is opening for IKOULA.