Why entrust your IT environment to Ikoula?

Far from being reserved for CIOs, IT challenges are now particularly strategic for businesses, across all sectors. Whether it's about regulation, data protection, or cybersecurity, choosing a trusted provider is a crucial step. To help you, Ikoula shares 5 reasons to use its services.

1. Complementary services across the entire chain of operations

Beyond its historical activity of hosting data and infrastructures, Ikoula offers a complete range of interdependent services around IT and cybersecurity. The company is thus able to meet all IT needs, from data storage to security to email management, for example.

Moreover, Ikoula enjoys great flexibility, allowing it to support clients of extremely varied sizes and sectors, with or without prior IT knowledge. Thanks to the recognized expertise of its suppliers and partners, the company has the ability to respond to specific demands from its customers by adapting its offer accordingly. The client also has the freedom to choose whether to manage its infrastructures independently or whether to use Ikoula's managed services.

2. A 100% French cloud

Ikoula claims its position as a "Gallic cloud": it is a French company, 100% owner of two data centers located in France, in Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie, which does not outsource any of its services and all of its capital is French.

All data is therefore hosted in France, which guarantees Ikoula's clients great control over their data and real protection. By going through Ikoula, companies know where their data is stored and ensure that it is never transferred abroad: all of Ikoula's services, including support, are internalized and located in France. As a result, the data is subject only to French and European laws, which are very protective of consumers and businesses. Finally, all hosting with Ikoula is reversible: the client can retrieve all of its data whenever desired, without leaving any data in the company's servers.

3. In-house cutting-edge expertise

Ikoula has made internalizing skills a priority. Thus, the company does not outsource any of its services. It has its own team of 15 technicians dedicated to customer support, ensuring 24/7 service, 365 days a year without interruption. Ikoula's clients thus benefit from a quality of service commensurate with their sensitive data needs.

Ikoula's team also includes an R&D department responsible for networks, development, system administration, and continuous improvement. A valuable set of expertise to meet all of its clients' demands.

4. Certified excellence

Ikoula is committed to improving the quality of its services while reducing its environmental impact. The company has thus obtained several certifications, including the ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 50001 standards, in 2022.

Regarding information security management, the ISO 27001 certification guarantees the protection of sensitive assets – financial data or personnel-related information, intellectual property documents, information entrusted by third parties, etc.

The ISO 50001 certification, on the other hand, attests to a continuous improvement process of the company in terms of energy management. It notably relied on the audit of all buildings, the establishment of an energy management system (EMS), and the installation of 85 meters. Very committed to the subject, Ikoula also joined the European Code of Conduct for energy efficiency in data centers and was referenced by the Green Web Foundation as a "green" host.

5. Affiliation with a recognized large group: Sewan

Since 2021, Ikoula has been an integral part of the Sewan group. This merger has expanded the group's offering, which, in addition to its telecom expertise, can now offer its hosting and cloud skills to all its clients. This related expertise is among the many advantages of belonging to a reputable French group, with significant human, software, and hardware capabilities. Significant advantages, both for Ikoula and its clients.

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