Convictions into actions: IKOULA's journey to ISO 50001

IKOULA has always been actively committed to sustainable development and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). As a web hosting solutions provider, the company is well aware of the current environmental challenges the world is facing. Therefore, IKOULA has naturally embarked on the path to ISO 50001 certification for energy management system. Guillaume HOUSSACK, Maintenance Manager at IKOULA, explains the journey towards obtaining this valuable certification.

Digital technology is estimated to account for 3 to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In France, the figure reaches 2.5%: while the majority is linked to the manufacturing of digital devices, 21% is attributed to usage, including the use of devices and the operation of data centers. Aware of the significance of this issue, IKOULA has been committed for several years to a virtuous approach aimed at improving its energy management. Guillaume HOUSSACK, Maintenance Manager, provides further explanations.

At the origins of an ambitious energy management project

According to sources, data centers account for approximately 2 to 3% of global electricity consumption. Faced with such figures, which the digital acceleration is unlikely to reduce, IKOULA has decided to implement concrete measures to take action at its level, and for its clients. Among these measures is the pursuit of ISO 50001 certification to establish an effective energy management system. One year later, Guillaume HOUSSACK is satisfied: "As part of the certification, we were able to create a clear map of our equipment, identifying the most efficient and the least efficient ones."

"This allowed us to make strategic choices and implement an energy management policy in the short, medium, and long term."

A shared commitment towards success.

In January 2022, the decision was made to initiate a certification process. The project, a strategic priority for both IKOULA and the SEWAN group, was led by a dedicated team of seven individuals, with the Maintenance Manager at the helm.

"The enthusiasm of the leadership allowed for a very rapid start to the project; then, the involvement of the teams was crucial to its successful completion," he explains.

Seven months of intensive work were required: an energy audit of all buildings, the establishment of an energy management system (EMS), installation of around 85 energy meters, internal and then external audits... Guillaume HOUSSACK details: "From the first audit, no anomalies, whether minor or major, were reported. This attests to the numerous good practices that we had already implemented." Therefore, it was not entirely surprising when, in August 2022, ISO 50001 certification was granted by Bureau Veritas following the external audit conducted in July.

Continuous improvement as a guiding principle.

And IKOULA does not plan to stop there. "Because our goal is to always be more efficient, we have chosen to classify our equipment in the opposite way to what is done for household appliances: 'A' corresponds to the most energy-consuming and 'E' to the most efficient. This way, we always have room for improvement. When we reach 'Z,' we can take a break!" describes the Maintenance Manager.

Furthermore, the company already has five-year investment plans to both renew its certification and acquire even more efficient equipment. The focus is on reducing the energy consumption of servers and their cooling. All of this is aimed at enabling clients to continue their activities, benefiting from a company that places service quality and environmental impact reduction on equal footing. Because the success of IKOULA will also, and always, be that of its clients.

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