Ikoula's outsourcing featured in an interview in Le Figaro Partner.

Explore the backstage of Ikoula's expertise and its 25 years of experience in web hosting and outsourcing through the latest article recently published in Le Figaro Partner. In this article, Anthony Collard, Chief Information Officer, details Ikoula's offer and its customized outsourcing solutions tailored to each company, from SMEs to large enterprises. Discover how our personalized approach, our commitment to security, and our ongoing expertise add value to businesses, while incorporating a strong eco-responsible dimension that shapes our vision of a sustainable future.

To learn more about outsourcing and Ikoula's unique benefits, find the complete article below or directly in digital format (in french).


Ikoula: the specialist in "à la carte" outsourcing

Building on more than 25 years of experience in web hosting and outsourcing, Ikoula provides companies with its expertise in infrastructure management. Among the benefits that companies derive from relying on these services are the strength and security of systems ensured by experts and operational support available 7 days a week. Insights from Anthony Collard, Chief Information Officer.

What does Ikoula's offer consist of?

"Initially positioned as a hosting provider, Ikoula subsequently created its outsourcing service to meet the demand of certain clients who wanted service beyond simple dedicated servers. The offer has gradually diversified and caters to all companies, from SMEs to large enterprises: the former find answers to their needs through our managed packaged outsourcing offerings like managed PLESK, and then we offer three dedicated outsourcing offerings to evolve towards managing more complex infrastructures, working with multiple servers, multiple databases, etc. Finally, Ikoula owns its two data centers in France, allowing us to also offer clients sovereign hosting."

How does your approach stand out in this market?

"We define the client's level of autonomy in managing their infrastructure based on their needs and organizational prerequisites. We offer customized outsourcing. This can range from standard supervision with information feedback to the client to Platinum level with 100% outsourcing of the information system by Ikoula: server management, software solutions, incident management with information feedback to the client, data backup, data restoration, etc., all 24/7/365. Moreover, security management is one of our priorities. And we guarantee it on two fronts: physical security, which we ensure in our two data centers, and data security (confidentiality, integrity, and availability). We also offer BCP or DRP solutions that meet high standards (resilience, flexibility, security, strong connectivity). The attainment of the ISO 27001 certification attests that we have implemented an effective information security management system."

What benefits do organizations gain from delegating the outsourcing of their information systems to you?

"For both large enterprises and SMEs, it's the assurance of enlisting experts in this field. Our outsourcing team is constantly training on all technologies, and its members are certified for several of them (Fortinet, Linux, Windows, Veeam, Apache, etc.). Companies can also have hosting in our data centers, while not all have the opportunity to have dedicated server rooms. By relying on multiple data centers, we guarantee them optimal redundancy. Companies benefit because they optimize their costs: human costs (they may not necessarily need or afford to recruit qualified personnel for this activity), hardware costs, and hosting costs."

How do you integrate the eco-responsible dimension into your business?

"Ikoula has obtained the ISO 50001 certification, attesting to the quality of its energy management system. We constantly strive to improve our approach to energy management, with the development of our CSR policy being a major focus for 2024."

Source: Cahier Figaro Partner - Solutions Entreprises, Décembre 2023, Ikoula : Le spécialiste de l’infogérance à la carte