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The new CloudIkoulaOne app is here!

We are happy to announce that Ikoula is launching its mobile app CloudIkoulaOne.

This app will allow you to follow and handle your cloud infrastructure in live time. The launch of this app, follows the Ikoula willingness to continuously innovate, in order to answer as best as it can to the needs of its customers.

This app allows you, no matter where you are, to follow the consumption of the cloud infrastructures in live and to increase or decrease the resources, depending of the needs of the activity. It also enables you to visualize remotely, the state of the network and server infrastructures and to handle the resources. All of this offer a level of flexibility unique on the market, the app increase the benefits of the model of the Cloud that are the agility and the control of the costs.

"The evolving of our R&D team, allowed us to successfully develop this mobile solution which distinguish itself by its flexibility offered to the users. It is an evolutive app and will be updated and improved with new functionalities so it can always fulfil the needs of our customers." says Swann Aguilar, Lead Developer at Ikoula.

Nowadays, all of the professional work with a smartphone, which means that there is new questions asked on a security level. Being the owner of two data centers based in France, Ikoula keep control of its infrastructures and can ensure an optimal level of services and security.

The app is of course compliant to the logistics of service and security. All the users have to identify themselves at every conexion, no information is saved, in order to avoid as much as we can the risks of your smartphone being stolen or identify thief. Moreover, the SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) is used to secure and encrypt the data transmission.

Discover right now the CloudIkoulaOne app in the Android Play Store, the IOS version is expected to come in the next few months!
Download the CloudIkoulaOne App