20th anniversary of Debian

August 16, 1993 Ian Murdock announced a new GNU/Linux distribution called 'Debian'.
Debian is the combination of the first name of his girlfriend at the time: "Debra" and of his own: "Ian" (Deb and Ian).

Debian is composed of two elements: "GNU" (project initiated by Richard Stallman), utilities all component Basic UNIX-like system (the name is a recursive acronym "GNU's Not Unix") and nucleus, also called kernel, "Linux" (created by Linus Torvalds).

The original idea of the project, which has subsistée up to our days, was to create a managed distribution in an open way, in the spirit of GNU and Linux projects. This idea has had and continues to have success. Starting from 474 maintained packages and a single hardware architecture supported at time of the release of version 1.1, (code name 'Buzz') in 1993, here we are, 20 years later, with version 7.1 (codenamed "Wheezy") all recently made available, with 48000 packages and 13 supported architectures.
Debian represents approximately a thousand developers and varied contributors spread all around the world.

The Debian project also demonstrated its commitment to the values of the free via "the Debian social contract" which recalls the principles of the distribution: www.debian.org/social_contract.fr.html

The Debian project is divided into three main branches, according to the maturity of the packages the:
  • Branch 'stable'(actuellement «Wheezy»), which is typically used in environment server for its sustainability and its robustness, it is the best-known of all, thanks in part to its different codes name all from animated film 'Toy Story'.
  • Branch 'testing' (currently "Jessie"), which serves as an incubator for the future stable version of the distribution. It is often the branch's predilection for ' desktop' users.
  • Branch 'unstable'(nom de code: «Sid»), which integrates the packages (and versions of packages) most recently integrated into the distribution. This branch retains the same code name and insufficient number («RollingRelease» said model). SID is the child who breaks his toys in Toy Story, which is very representative of the content of this branch since this acronym also means "Still In Development". It is also this branch on which are based some distributions such as Ubuntu and Knoppix Debian family.
  • Branch 'experimental' which isn't actually dedicated to be used as a primary but is above all the entry point of the newest packages before passage in 'unstable'.
It is with all the respect and recognition that are due that society Ikoula warmly wish a happy birthday to the Debian project as well as its many contributors.

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