Act on intelligence, vote the amendment of article L 851-4.

Paris, April 16, 2015 - the grouping of hosts who had signed April 10 a joint communiqué calling Mr. Manuel Valls to reconsider the Bill on the intelligence discussed since Monday at the National Assembly, met yesterday Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve, Mr. Emmanuel Macron and Mrs Axelle Lemaire.

at the end of this meeting, commitments concrete preservation of personal data and the target character, time-limited and non-systematic monitoring thereof have been made. This late consultation has resulted in the amendment of article L. 851 - 4 debated and voted yesterday evening.

the AFHADS, IDS, Ikoula, Gandi, Lomaco, Online & OVH, present at this meeting, will remain extremely vigilant in the next 18 months when the application and use of this new device.

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