Adjustment of our pricing - 8% increase on our rates excluding taxes from 1 March 2023.

Ajustement de nos tarification

IKOULA has been supporting companies in all sectors since 1998 and has built up a comprehensive know-how based on solid technological grounds. We are constantly striving to offer you the best price/quality ratio on the market. This is part of our priorities and our DNA.

The current inflation has impacted almost all sectors and companies, including IKOULA. This inflation is due to the exponential increase in the cost of electricity and gas, but also of all the products and services that IKOULA buys to carry out its services. It seems that this trend of price increases will continue in 2023.

We would like to inform you of the following points:
  • This price increase is authorized in the general Terms and Conditions of sales accepted by all our clients when signing contracts and/or making online purchases.
  • IKOULA has not enforced - for more than 10 years - the SYNTEC increases which are specified in the contracts and which could have been applied annually.
  • This increase only takes into account part of the additional costs caused by the energy crisis.
In order to improve the quality of our services, from 1 March 2023, an average increase of 8% will be applied on our rates (excl. VAT) for all IKOULA products and services. This increase will affect both new and existing customers. Indeed, for customers currently using IKOULA services, an increase of 8% will be applied on their bill(s) as of March 1st 2023.

What will not change is our commitment to always offer you the best service, and to accompany you with innovative products.
We thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

The IKOULA team