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A new chapter for IKOULA

Sewan & Ikoula

You may have already read it in the press, a new chapter is opening for IKOULA.

After more than 20 years spent developing for its customers the most innovative services in IT infrastructure, web hosting and cloud computing, associated with high added value related services, such as outsourcing, backup critical data or even open-source collaborative office suites, IKOULA is entering a new page in its history, by integrating the Sewan group now.

Cloud & telecom operator created in 2007, Sewan's primary mission is to simplify business communications and to provide, through its unique SaaS platform - Sophia - telephony, network, internet access and hosting services.
A "raison d'être" close to that of IKOULA in short, with know-how and expertise complementary to ours, and above all common values, making this rapprochement obvious:

  • "host with care": taking care of its customers and its teams 24/7, ensuring proximity and listening
  • innovation: create comprehensive and innovative professional services, responding to market issues
  • toujours plus de Cloud: accentuate the development of secure solutions, hosted in France, and deployable throughout Europe

This new step does not change anything in our relationship with you, or in the quality of service that we are committed to offering you.
Our teams remain more than ever at your disposal, to provide you with the advice and support necessary for the success of all your projects.
We are even looking forward to being able to offer you more solutions in the next few months thanks to Sewan's expertise, and allow you to add telephony, fiber, or HDS certified hosting to your infrastructures, among other things.

Our teams remain at your entire disposal to answer any questions you may have.

we host with care