Customer testimonial IMAGIX

Jacques Patenaude , Managing Director of the Agency Productions IMAGIX located in Auvergne.

< br / > "we are a communication (at 75% webagency) agency specializing in SEO and Digital marketing. We use dedicated servers to Ikoula to put at disposal of our customers hosting web sites, domain names and professional email addresses." < br / >

can you talk about your projects? Your issues, your expectations? < br / > we were looking for a trusted partner that can we ensure the reliability of a dedicated server to host all of our customer sites. We also wanted to be able to intervene at any time and freely on our server, all benefiting from a technical and commercial service professional, easily reachable on the phone.

< br / > what benefits have you at Ikoula? < br / > we have several dedicated servers / virtual, with a multitude of domains, as well as the storage/backup Ikeepincloud. < br / > < br / > why and what are the associated uses? < br / > we can offer our clients a full range of services, from hosting their sites up to managing their boxes mails, with solutions for backup and monitoring ensuring the safety and reliability of our server.

< br / > How did you hear about Ikoula? < br / > we experienced Ikoula by word of mouth ear via one of our webmasters. < br / > < br / > why did you pick Ikoula hosting? < br / > at Ikoula, we are more than just a number! One bit at any time have a real human contact technical or commercial. for a WebAgency, is a decisive criterion!

< br / > what is your perception of the customer service provided by Ikoula? < br / > over time, we have created an affinity with certain members of the team, particularly to listening to our needs and our projects. Moreover, the rates are very affordable. at Ikoula, I have the impression to be a preferred customer and it, which is something rare these days!

in conclusion, if you are looking for a hoster of trust, look no further, you've found!

< br / > < br / > discover the range dedicated to Ikoula servers

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