The end of the world seen by Ikoula - chronic

ikoula photo cloud Since a few months short noise on the end of the world, this subject has become the favorite teasing in coffee break, lunch, or during the meetings of families and friends. Initially we prefer to say that every two years a clever taking to a prophet just stirring up trouble in a monotonous world, structured, programmed. And there, at the approach of the holidays, period where people earn a bit of compassion and gaiety, they came to say that it would be maybe time to do a good deed, reach out to a poor, make a donation to the restaurant of the heart, a smile to an old nearby that are crossed every day but that we never had time to talk , car so goes the life.

This psychosis which is believed not really also won the spirit of Ikoula teams and it is while it is concerted to spoil once those we love more than anything! Special promo end of the world. We have received many messages of thanks and we can tell you that we are also very pleased that you have chosen us for our services and products, we strive day and night to improve to satisfy you. And even if this is not the end of the world today, we can tell you that we will continue to spoil you as long as our products continue to please you!

Good end of the world to all:-)

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