Huawei Data Center Network Solution Assists Ikoula for Cloud Hosting Services


Founded in 1998, Ikoula, the French cloud hosting expert and winner of the EuroCloud Award for Best Infrastructure in the Cloud, manages services in the field of domain names, virtual servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Ikoula started out by renting equipment and rack rooms and later decided to engage itself in hosting dedicated servers and cloud services, enriching its services and becoming a cloud service provider.


Ikoula has six data centers on three continents, two of which were built by the company in France. To meet cloud service requirements and achieve high performance goals, high reliability, scalability elasticity, and simple operation and maintenance.


The Huawei Data Center Network Solution reduces the complexity of deploying services, improves system reliability, and provides monitoring and resource management functions that meet Ikoula's fast service requirements.


Ikoula used the Huawei data center network solution to rebuild the data center network and solve the problems it faced with low bandwidth and complex operation and maintenance. After rebuilding, Ikoula enables public cloud clients to deploy virtual machines in 30 seconds with just one click. The significant increase in access performance improves user experience and loyalty and will be more advantageous for Ikoula.

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