We are making improvements to our network, and you are the one benefiting!

Today’s world has no borders, and so does our activity area. It is essential for us to offer our customers an ever more open and efficient network.
It is precisely for this purpose that we are adding a new peering point to our existing network: the "DE-CIX", located in Frankfort. For the uninitiated, a peering point (or Internet Exchange Point) is a physical infrastructure on which several operators (often some Internet Access Providers) can be interconnected. Thanks to this new peering point, our customers benefit from a shortcut between the IKOULA network and that of other operators. Therefore, traffic is gaining speed, as DE-CIX is the most important peering point in the world in terms of traffic and number of international players connected.
Another improvement to our network is the arrival of a new IP transit provider: Hurricane Electric (10 Gb/s) , the fourth currently. Hurricane Electric is known as the largest IPV4 and IPV6 Transit network in the world.

What is an IP transit provider?

Overall, an IP transit provider is an "exit door" towards the Internet for our network’s users. Multiplying the number of IP transit provider improves the quickness of our network but also ensures a better redundancy in case of overload or disruption. In fact, each IP transit provider is managed by different operators, our network can easily switch from one operator to another in case of an incident. This guarantees to see our network protected at all times.

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