Upcoming maintenance on IKDC2 (06/11/2020)


Dear clients,

In order to ensure optimal protection of your data, our equipment is constantly checked and maintained.

Therefore, we inform you that an electrical maintenance is planned in our datacenter of Eppes for June 11, 2020.

Location: IKDC2 - Eppes Datacenter
Start of intervention: June 11, 2020 8:30 a.m. (CEST)
End of intervention: June 11, 2020 2:00 p.m. (CEST)

As in all our maintenance, our teams will be hard at work to guarantee you the best possible service.
These maintenance operations will not generate an electrical cut or an interruption in service, but will lead to an absence of redundancy
. We therefore advise you to take all the necessary preventive measures and to make your backups in anticipation of these interventions.

Thank you for your understanding,

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