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Last February, we had contacted you about a significant fault of the Parallels Plesk Panel tool.
Various updates allowed to correct this flaw (callback: However, certain Plesk have corrupted before and/or despite the application of patches. They still may contain malware.

This is why Parallels, editor of the solution, today released a micro-update to help you to remove this malware.
You can find the list of the versions of the Plesk panel concerned by this micro-update at
This update includes a removal script that targets and neutralizes the known malware affecting Plesk. It is recommended that you apply this micro-update.

General, we recommend that you regularly update your applications and services, to guarantee the safety of your services.

If you have a shared delivery or broadly, be aware that our teams have already been necessary, in order to apply this new patch.
Our technical support is at your disposal for any further request.

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