Plesk panel

[Moderate] fault on the Plesk Panel management interface

Qualified moderate vulnerability has been discovered concerning the management Plesk Panel interface. The latter affects machines running on a GNU/Linux OS and would allow the attackers to take control of your Plesk Panel interface.

Below is the list of versions impacted with links to patches:

Parallels Plesk Panel - update security - Ikoula

Last February, we had contacted you about a significant fault of the Parallels Plesk Panel tool.
Various updates allowed to correct this flaw (callback: However, certain Plesk have corrupted before and/or despite the application of patches. They still may contain malware.

This is why Parallels, editor of the solution, today released a micro-update to help you to remove this malware.
You can find the list of the versions of the Plesk panel concerned by this micro-update at
This update includes a removal script that targets and neutralizes the known malware affecting Plesk. It is recommended that you apply this micro-update.