Retrospective 2020

The year 2021 is approaching, and for the majority of companies, the year has been full of twists and surprises. This unprecedented year did not prevent the evolution of IKOULA. Throughout 2020, we introduced you to new products, partnerships, and webinars.

New products

During this year, we were able to expand the product family that we offer you. Three new products appeared :
Messaging and the Zimbra collaborative suite, an open-source solution hosted in France.
During the year, you were able to discover the new dedicated server of our gamme Agile Pro v2 range, based on the third generation of AMD Ryzen processors to offer you a high-performance and powerful server that can accommodate any type of application.
And more recently, the release of VMware Cloud Director, this tool allows you to create and operate your own VMware Datacenter online.


We tried to answer your most technical questions. Most of the answers are already available on our Wiki. Nevertheless, we wanted to keep a direct contact with you, which is why we organized our webinars on several topics:

Regarding the Zimbra collaborative suite, we offered you two webinars, one on the presentation of the open-source collaborative messaging, the other on how to migrate from Office 365 to Zimbra.

We also hosted two webinars with our data backup specialist Acronis. The first one is about « VS Ransomware data backup: why outsourcing to the Cloud? », and the second is ransomware, poorly sized backups, and data loss..

Replays of our webinars are always available on our YouTube channel.


After opening a subsidiary in the Netherlands and then in Spain, we wanted to offer our services to two new countries: Romania and Portugal. This international development demonstrates our commitment to working towards a competitive and responsible European IT ecosystem. Our website is now available in eight languages.

New partnerships

Starting from March 2020 and facing the IT issues that some organizations were facing because of the national lockdown. IKOULA helped them by providing them with the products they needed. In particular, we gave equipment to civil security, made available VMs for e-learning platforms.
Besides, we have integrated six new organizations as part of the IKOULA Support Your Projects partnership. Among these organizations, we encouraged two associations and three companies in the year 2020.

For this new year, we wish a fresh start of your new projects, and we hope that they will be able to achieve all the objectives you have set for yourselves.

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