2 main reasons for choosing a virtual private server offer

You have heard of the VPS virtual private server for the operation of your website, but you do not know what it is, you do not know how it works, and especially you do not know why you need to subscribe to this type of offer.

So to ensure the proper functioning of your website, here are 2 main reasons that could lead you to choose a virtual private or VPS server offer.

How to operate a VPS?

What is a VPS for?

In order for your WordPress site to remain accessible to the public, it must be hosted on a server. The quality of the hosting is an element to take into account for the good functioning of your website. A good server conditions the functioning of this one. Whether :
  • Optimized loading frame
  • Comfort and visibility
  • Security

There are many hosting solutions available. The VPS offering is one of them. Without a good server, your website cannot function properly.

How exactly does a VPS work?

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. VPS vendors use hypervisors or virtualization software. This allows them to provide users with access to an emulated server or virtual machine. Hosting using a VPS involves providing customer sites with independent virtual systems. Based on the resources of a physical server.

It is important to know that each emulated machine works with its own operating system. By renting a VPS server, you will not have direct access to the physical machine. However, you will have all the resources you need. Your space is yours and you have full control of it.

VPS: The good compromise between shared and dedicated hosting

VPS: between shared and dedicated servers

Shared hosting is the most popular on the market because of its affordable price. The server is shared among several users. You cannot set up the main machine. Shared hosting is recommended if your site or application is not critical and only needs few resources.

Conversely, with a dedicated server, all the resources are allocated to you, this option is recommended when the needs are critical or for significant increases in load. However, it should be noted that dedicated hosting is logically more expensive. To learn more about the differences between dedicated and shared servers, you can read this article.

But there is another option, VPS.
For a website with reasonable internet traffic that is growing quickly, VPS is recommended.

What are the advantages of VPS

VPS is a compromise for the following reasons:
  • Resources are dedicated
  • Prices are optimized
  • You have the hand to configure the server according to your needs

The selection of your server should be done in a thoughtful way. This selection must take into account the development of your site. You must therefore choose an accommodation that meets your needs.


Now that you know the features and benefits of VPS, it's time to choose the right provider. IKOULA offers a wide range of Linux VPS or Windows VPS for all uses.


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