ZIMBRA the open-source and sovereign professional messaging and collaboration suite for enterprises

With the advent of teleworking and the geographical distance of teams, collaborative tools such as messaging occupy a preponderant place in the organization of companies. Choosing a sustainable and above all secure email solution is one of the key element for professionals.

Zimbra migration However, recent debates around data protection and sovereignty, and especially the end of support for certain large solutions such as Exchange 2010 (stopped at the end of 2020), Exchange 2013 (scheduled for 2023) or Exchange 2016 (scheduled for 2025) pushes to look for equally reliable alternatives.

This is where Zimbra comes in, an open-source messaging solution and collaborative suite, hosted in France, which uses all the codes of messaging and collaborative tools on the market, for a much more advantageous TCO. Switching between messaging tools can seem complicated at first sight. This is why our developers teams created a very simple migration tool , allowing you to duplicate an email box on Zimbra in just a few minutes, without making the initial box disappear.

    Ideal for discovering the many features offered by Zimbra step by step:
  • Zimbra Webmail: emails, contacts, calendar, backup and restore, offline mode
  • Zimbra Docs: creation, edition & sharing of internal documents
  • Zimbra Drive: file storage & sharing, internally or externally
  • Zimbra Connect: internal chat, file sharing, video conferences

A complete email solution, in line with the needs of today's businesses, similar to market giants, for a lower budget!
So, intrigued by Zimbra? You can start your test now, we are offering you a 20% discount on your Zimbra subscription, thanks to the following code: ZIMBRA20.

For more information on Zimbra, do not hesitate to contact our teams +33 1 84 01 02 50 or visit our website


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