Ikoula has tested for you: the server IBM POWER8

Presentation of Power8

Ikoula decided to test the new POWER S822L making advantage of the range of the POWER8 designed by IBM.

These servers running with a little endian PowerPC system are compatible with bones such as Fedora, Ubuntu, RedHat or Suse.

It is possible to deploy a system compatible with the PowerPC system virtualization: PowerVM or PowerKVM.


For Valentine's day launch of the competition Ikoula, domain names to win!

Thursday on our account Twitter @ikoula, try to win one of 5 domain names in game .space .work .link .club .xyz and bonus for Valentine a .sexy!

Easily win your domain name, simply RT + follow the tweet that will match you want domain name:

GHOST - security flaw in the glibc library

Yesterday a critical security vulnerability has been published by Qualys concerning the GNU Library C (glibc), named GHOST.

That allows?

Every subscription to Ikoula's Cloud give you access to an ISO library with more than 16 Linux OS or FreeBSD

Every subscription to an Ikoula's public Cloud give you access to an 'ISO' library with more than 16 Linux OS or FreeBSD:


Ikoula provides its guests a more ISO 16 distributions Linux or FreeBSD library

For any subscription to a cloud, Ikoula puts at your disposal a "ISO" over 16 distributions Linux or FreeBSD library:


The Gallic Ikoula Cloud crowned King of performance!

Ikoula is of n ° 1 the ranking of the performance of the Clouds (occupied 4 times in 2014), before the big Clouds such as Google or Amazon, thanks notably to the establishment of SSDS (Solid-State Drive) on our infrastructure.