The new pack IKL WordPress is available!

Our regular satisfaction surveys and the different testimonies of our clients have shown us that a very large majority of them uses the WordPress CMS on our Linux hosting. This is not surprising because WordPress is the most used opensource CMS worldwide.

We have published several articles on good practices to create and secure a WordPress site, but today we go further.


GHOST - security flaw in the glibc library

Yesterday a critical security vulnerability has been published by Qualys concerning the GNU Library C (glibc), named GHOST.

That allows?

Major fault of the bash shell

Update 2014-09-26 12:30 UTC + 1

The CVE-2014-7169 fault seems to be patched by most of the package maintainers. We invite you to redo an update of your bash.

In the bash shell security flaw

A major vulnerability on the bash shell has just be discovered.

Since when does it exist?

This flaw has existed since at least version 3 of bash, which makes it is very widespread.

- What is it allows?

The flaw exploits the fact that the Shell bash, at the time or it is started, does not stop the interpretation to where it should when there are definitions of variables or functions of environment and executes orders placed in arguments.

The month of May to Ikoula rhythmic event devops!

The Cloud and the Devops have been honoured in this spring 2014 to Ikoula!

[Security] Service BIND vulnerabilities

Characterized as a serious vulnerability was discovered on the BIND service. This vulnerability affects machines running on a GNU/Linux OS and would allow the attackers to cause saturation of the RAM of your server.
The following versions of BIND are impacted:

  • 9.7.x
  • 9.8.0-> 9.8.5b1
  • 9.9.0-> 9.9.3b1