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Ikoula is in the category "Excellent" of the ranking Decideurs 2017 for the section Best ESN Web host

The Decideurs Magazine ranking

The Leaders League group offers rankings based on a close-to-field analysis, based on qualitative criteria - specialty by specialty. The Leaders League rankings are a true qualitative collection of the best advice in a field of activity and / or a specific specialty whose nature is specified in the title of the rankings.

Ikoula among the best ranked companies

n 2017 as every year, the leader League group (editor of the magazine Décideurs) publishes a new edition of its ranking dedicated to the best ESN specialized in hosting. The ESN ranking is conducted under a multi-month survey. Leaders League investigators contacted the most reputable information systems professionals. Questionnaires were sent by hundreds. The ranking is based on several criteria. Among them, the magazine retains the notoriety of the company. Other professionals in the sector are also asked to comment on the positioning of NSEs in our rankings.

Ikoula's place in the ranking

Following the study of these criteria and like last year Ikoula is in the category "Excellent" for the section new technologies and hosting.

the full ranking here