highlights of Ikoula

Retrospection 2012 - the best moments at Ikoula feedback

This year 2012 was eventful for Ikoula, small-sized and always growing ambition. This optimistic and positive vision helped Ikoula teams all work successfully throughout this year.

This year was marked by two key words: innovation and expansion.

Innovative products such as FlexiCloud and iKeepinCloud are complemented existing ranges, designed to cover the needs of all type of users, whether they are students, computer enthusiasts, independent, TPE, SMEs or large accounts. Our teams are mobilized to meet the various expectations while optimizing continuously entitled client supports to assist users in the deployment and adjustment of their benefits.
2012 was also the year of the cloud. Our star iKeepinCloud product has been revamped and online storage has become unlimited. iKeepinCloud and FlexiCloud have been a hit with users.

Since may, 2012, Ikoula embarked on the French market in dualisant his site with complete express.ikoula.com in English translation and the prices in pound sterling express.ikoula.co.uk. This expansion is only in its infancy and the year 2013 announces a more intensive launch in the European market. Ikoula did not finish surprising you!