IKOULA obtains ISO 27001 certification for information security management systems

IKOULA is proud to announce that it has obtained the ISO 27001:2017 certification (as of December 23, 2022) for information security management systems (ISMS).


Dedicated servers, to do what?

serveur dedié

A dedicated server resources. Unlike shared servers, which resources are shared by several users.

Cybersecurity Month: the 13 commandments of IKOULA

Like every month of October, cybersecurity is in the spotlight in Europe!

Between the rise of teleworking and the rise of cyberattacks, adopting the right actions to protect your company data is becoming vital .

VMware CSE supporting your agility

The importance of a professional backup solution to secure your business


Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram unavailable for nearly 7 hours following a server problem, the Dax hospital affected by ransomware, a 0 day flaw detected on Microsoft Exchange… Computer threats are increasing and can jeopardize the activity of 'businesses or services for a few days. Whether attacks or accidents, these threats are all the more worrying as they can cripple economic or health functions. It is therefore essential to protect your data and protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances to avoid a shutdown of activity.

How and why to set up a Disaster Recovery Plan ?


1. DRP: Definition

BRP stands for Disaster Recovery Plan. It designates all the procedure for restarting and rebuild an information system in case of a failure. As its name suggests, DRP allows a company to continue its activity by relying on a temporary procedure.