Cybersecurity Month: the 13 commandments of IKOULA

Like every month of October, cybersecurity is in the spotlight in Europe!

Between the rise of teleworking and the rise of cyberattacks, adopting the right actions to protect your company data is becoming vital .

A new chapter for IKOULA

Sewan & Ikoula

You may have already read it in the press, a new chapter is opening for IKOULA.


Which collaborative office suite should you choose?

Since the birth of the Internet, messaging has been an integral part of the company's strategy, allowing simple and rapid exchanges between employees. And that's not about to change: in the current context of the health crisis and the development of teleworking, this essential tool is playing a more crucial role than ever. Hence the importance of choosing it very well ... Today, professional users expect a lot from their messaging: in addition to allowing teamwork, this solution must be flexible, but also easy to set up and administer. All this while ensuring the company perfect data security . While each professional sends around thirty messages a day (and receives three times as many!), A lot of sensitive information does indeed circulate with e-mails, in particular via working documents sent in enclosed.


Linux Subsystem for Windows

Sous-système Linux pour Windows
Linux Subsystem in Windows 10
Linux Subsystem under server 2019 preview

Linux Subsystem in Windows 10

1. Prerequisites

First of all, you must have Windows 10 in version 1709 minimum. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is present in the previous version but not in the same way.

2. Installation

First of all, To begin with, you have to install the "Windows subsystem for Linux" functionality by going to the control panel then "Programs and functionalities" and on the left you click on "Activate or deactivate Windows functionalities".