"Bleeding heart", one of the largest discovered security flaw

on April 7, 2014, a security vulnerability was published about the servers using OpenSSL. This flaw was discovered by codenomicon.com and a computer scientist of Google. Some scholars recognize as being the most important flaw discovered since SQL injection.

you will find the details of the vulnerability at the following address: http://heartbleed.com/

Ikoula announces a fall in prices up to 60% on its Cloud Public offer

in 2015, the cloud market will reach 4.9 billion euros in France (source of the firm Xerfi France). Businesses and hexagonal Government expenditure will register on the rise and the cloud will remain as one of the priorities of the DSI.

determining a flowering context in which Ikoula sees itself as an actor among the giants of the cloud through a policy of ultra price attractive.

Ikoula uses 3D printing to create servers in record time!

In the 1 St quarter of 2014, Jules - Henri Gavetti, CEO of Ikoula is proud to announce that its R & D Department has filed about 50 patents that allow Ikoula, today from a 3D CAD model to create servers using a 3D printer


Great domain names

Nom de domaine holdings .guru .camera .gallery etc... new available domain names explode! You can now customize your site and increase your visibility.

However, the .com and .net are still the best extensions to ensure the credibility and authenticity of your domain anywhere in the world. < br / > < br / >