[Security News] Fault LIBSSH CVE-2016-0739

February 23, 2016 a libssh flaw was discovered.

That allows?

Due to a bug of confusion between bits and bytes generated secret key may be much shorter than it should (128 bits instead of 1024 or 2048).
This flaw is easily exploitable but it would decrypt a ssh session.

Since when does it exist?

All versions since the 0.1 are concerned.

How to fix the?

-Change the key authentication method.
-Put update libssh.

[Security News] Fault in the library GLIBC CVE-2015-7547

On 18 February 2016 the fault Ghost remade speak of it, a new way to exploit has been discovered.
The library managing the DNS resolver which is part of glibc is vulnerable to a buffer overflow (buffer overflow) when the bookstore getaddrinfo() function is used.
Software using this function are vulnerable if they question domain names or servers DNS controls by a third party or to a "man-in-the-middle" attack.

.Vin and .wine extensions are available! Champagne!

Because a Reims hoster must celebrate its terroir, Ikoula offers extensions .vin and .wine in phase Sunrise today!

The Sunrise will end on 16 January. You must be in possession of a record from a TMCH (brand depot) to be eligible to participate.

After the Sunrise phase, it will be the turn of the Landrush 3 days, from 24 to 27 January, with a rate more. student

Finally, the General opening will be January 27 at 17:00 (Paris time) at the rate of € 61 / year.

The Cloud Ikoula free for 6 months! *

For this autumn 2015, the Cloud Ikoula is free for 6 months for the first 100 subscriptions! Be among the first to benefit from its many advantages.


new areas

Alert type phishing SPAM, be careful!

What is it?

Since several days of posing as legitimate invoices and emails appear to come from trusted senders are sent to all Internet users, warning these email contain little - be a virus and their purpose is to infect your computer.


This e-mail arrives through some spam filters and contains a virus as an attachment.

The Docker-compatible Ikoula Cloud

reportage ikoula france 3

our Cloud, recently rewarded in the category best Service Infrastructure Cloud in EuroCloud trophies, is now compatible with Docker!

Why Docker?

This new compatibility advantages are numerous: