New Wordpress security flaw

Yesterday a type cross-site scripting vulnerability Wordpress security flaw has been discovered, it is strongly recommended to update Wordpress to the most quickly.

That allows?

Well exploited the latter would allow an attacker to compromise a site using Guest reviews.

How to check if I am impacted?

All web sites that use a version lower than Wordpress 4.2.1 are concerned.

How to fix the?

New IIS security flaw

    April 14, 2015, Microsoft announced a critical vulnerability for IIS in the MS15-034 bulletin. The latter is referenced under code CVE-2015-1635.

    That allows?

    The flaw would allow an attacker to run arbitrary code in the context of the system account. It would also allow a denial of service attack.

    Since when does it exist?

Act on intelligence, vote the amendment of article L 851-4.

Paris, April 16, 2015 - the grouping of hosts who had signed April 10 a joint communiqué calling Mr. Manuel Valls to reconsider the Bill on the intelligence discussed since Monday at the National Assembly, met yesterday Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve, Mr. Emmanuel Macron and Mrs Axelle Lemaire.

Ikoula in space, far above the Cloud...

Ikoula dans l'espace

The next Ikoula DataCenter will be in space, far above the Cloud...

New SSL/TLS - freak attack vulnerability

March 3, 2015 a security flaw regarding SSL/TLS has been discovered.

That allows?

Well exploited the latter would allow an attacker to decrypt encrypted connections.

A connection is vulnerable if the server accepts the RSA_EXPORT cipher suites and the client also emits a cipher RSA_EXPORT suite or uses a version of OpenSSL vulnerable to CVE-2015-0204 as exported RSA keys are 512-bit keys.

Ikoula will be present on the Show Big Data on March 10 and 11, next at the CNIT (Paris - La Défense)

Ikoula gives you visit the 308, the next Big Data show that will stand the 10 and 11 March next at the CNIT La Défense. Since its launch in 2012, this event became the rendezvous of companies wishing to make their data a real lever of growth. < br / > < br / > for two days, Ikoula will present automated deployments of Clusters Big Data with Hadoop and MongoDB.