Ikoula to ICT Innovation Forum by CRIP

Ikoula presented its solution private cloud as innovative solution on the occasion of the IT Innovation Forum sponsored by the CRIP at the Pavillon Dauphine.

"IT (i) Forum mission is to accelerate the adoption of new practices and new technologies by implementing platforms physical and virtual Exchange, apprentissagen and meeting between members of the community of digital, and especially those who have a mission to use digital, to confer an economic advantage upon their business."

For more information: IT (i) Forum

To illustrate best practices and performance of our private Cloud solution, Jean-François Le Nilias of the company Canaltech ( has come to present his customer experience feedback.

More than 150 end users and decision makers as well as computer resellers were able to discover the private to Ikoula, cloud infrastructure based on technology CloudStack ™. < br / > < br / > < br / >

Cup of 2014 CloudScreener Clouds

trophee coupe des clouds

< br / > < br / > Ikoula participated in the first edition of the cup of Clouds 2014. CloudScreener-sponsored

Ikoula team of Aurélien, Raj, William, Samuel, Jamal, Nico, David and Arnaud as supporters Frumane and Sophie, is come reveal his football talents.

Team won the 1st game against Gandi with 3-1 and finished 4th in the group, thus qualifying for the semi-final.

Customer testimonial IMAGIX

Jacques Patenaude , Managing Director of the Agency Productions IMAGIX located in Auvergne.

The month of May to Ikoula rhythmic event devops!

The Cloud and the Devops have been honoured in this spring 2014 to Ikoula!

Check out the new spot Ikoula radio on-air BFM

Ikoula is on BFM radio. Check out our spot Radio spring/summer from Monday to Friday in floating between 8 h and 19 h.

"the french cloud is more a concept but a reality."


This Ikoula to Cloudstack Collaboration Conference 2013

#CCCEU13. This is the twitter hashtag that you can use to get an idea of the atmosphere prevailing in Amsterdam, at the first conference on European soil on our cloud preferred namely Orchestrator CloudStack!

Ikoula absolutely had to be present, and as a Gold Sponsor of the event, we could appreciate the Organization, conferences, the atmosphere and above all the encounters made during 3 days (and 2 nights!).

The era of collaboration in the cloud

Two-thirds of French companies have invested in a Cloud solution, by 2015 (1).

To gain performance, many of them make more particularly the choice of collaboration in the cloud!

In business, there are few projects that do not require a teamwork. For the good development of a project, effective collaboration is essential. Time, equipment or location must not be pressures to collaborate.

It is that collaboration in the cloud takes all its value.

The cloud, outsourcing, and Chinese medicine.

The cloud represents a technological approach or standardised offers, rather distant from the outsourcing of global infrastructure and tailor-made. A distinction necessary to decrypt the levers on these markets, with Guillaume Berko, Sales Director at Ikoula.

How do you see outsourcing and cloud?
In traditional outsourcing, our mission is to maintain and oversee infrastructure hardware and software to ensure an optimal business continuity to our customers. From my point of view, cloud concerns rather the way one thinks it infrastructure. To put it otherwise, outsourcing is a service delivery, while cloud is a technological approach integrating various mechanisms like virtualization, dynamic allocation of resources, the multitenant, etc.
Even though in our outsourcing offers we propose of course companies to use fully all these technologies.

Good advice from Thursday: migrate to the cloud!

The Cloud, we talk much!

Normal when we know that this market could reach 2.4 billion dollars by 2014 according to study Abeerden.

"This trend indicates above all that the Cloud market is mature and dematerialisation solution meets more and more a need for DSI on bottom of lower internal costs'" according to "